M.I.C.E. lately refers to Meetings industry to avoid acronym confusion. Having in mind ever growing accommodation and conference capacities, as well as stimulating business environment, Serbia and especially Belgrade is becoming popular business destinations.

Since 2000, Serbia has been trying to create investment friendly atmosphere that drew several multinational companies, the largest being Italian Fiat. Government subsidies made Serbia interesting for companies trying to expand within the region and beyond. International agreements, especially customs union agreement with Russian Federation is drawing more and more European companies that are experiencing difficulties having in mind current economic crisis.

Belgrade Fair was founded in 1938. on the opposite bank of the Sava River as Belgrade tried to conquer uninhabited marshes, in what was to become New Belgrade. During Second World War, Nazis turned Belgrade Fair complex into concentration camp and after the war in 1957. new complex was built.14 exhibition halls cover 100 000 m2  of surface on 24 acre property. Hall 1 is covered by 109 m in diameter large dome and as such it used to be the largest dome in the world from 1957 until 1965. 5000 companies take part in 30 exhibitions organized every year with more than 1 500 000 visitors.

For companies that cherish employee oriented business culture, Serbia offers vast opportunities. It is almost perfect destination for organizing various corporative activities that reward and stimulate productivity. Since late 70s  when Sava Center was built for OSCE conference, Belgrade charted itself on business tourism map. By now, business travelers can enjoy substantial conference capacities while in Serbia, especially in Belgrade. Belgrade and Novi Sad fairs offer some of the biggest exhibitions within the region. They are perfect for making business contacts in stimulating business environment.

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